Is the World Series back on?  I’m not convinced by any means.  With the Chicago Cubs finally breaking the curse last season, many were excited to see the hot start that they would get off to in 2017 (I’ll give you a second to laugh).  Along with that, we all know the power move our beloved Red Sox made to snag Chris Sale from the White Sox.  Who cares if they had to give up Kopech, the guy may throw hard as hell, but he still got busted on a drug test and fought a teammate in the minors.  But yes! Chris Sale our saving grace, and arguably the most feared pitcher to face in the majors so far this season, and still I am not convinced about the World Series.

We are now 63 games into the 2017 season and yes I know the Sox are second at 35-28, and the Cubs are somehow in second in the awful NL Central at 31-32 (more laughs).  Although the Sox are playing well, there is so much to take in that still leaves me with plenty of doubts about how the rest of the season will unfold.

So to break this down as easily as I can, lets start with the pitching.  Chris Sale, no words you God Damn beast…keep throwing 99 on the black and we will see you in the All-Star game in Miami. David Price, it’s good to have you back…kind of.  Price is sitting at 1-1 with a 5.29 ERA, and 17.0 IP this season.  Listen we all know how his rehab assignment went, but his first two starts back were good, not amazing, but good.  The White Sox lineup is a joke, we all know that, but the Orioles have a great lineup with a lot of guys who can leave the yard at any time.  Price went 7 innings, walked one, and struck out 7.  Which is honestly impressive for just coming back and pitching against a divisional team.  All good things come to and end though, just like they did in New York.  Me and my girlfriend were at this game, and holy shit it was a laser show.  Price, please send Gary Sanchez a fathers day card on Sunday. Sanchez is 4-7 career against Price, and all those hits are home runs, so Gary, if you somehow magically see this blog, expect a card in the mail.  Listen to every Section 10 podcast if you want to hear what Boston thinks of Drew Pomeranz.  The legendary Jared Carrabis explains all of this perfectly.  Next up, is slick Rick Porcello, and the sweet memories we have from 2016 mixed in with the dreaded nightmares so far in 2017.  Really Rick??? The Phillies tagged you with 4 runs in the first inning? Thank God our bats showed up and bailed your ass out of taking another embarrassing loss.  Porcello is now projected to finished the season at 8-21 with a 4.67 ERA, and I’m just gonna leave that there.  E-Rod, one of my teammates at school is still trying to convince me that your a good arm.  I’ve seen some glimpses of that, but please for all of us throw your slider more.

To the bullpen we go…this is gonna be short and sweet.  Kimbrel, keep doing you baby.  17.58 K/9…thats absurd.  Joe Kelly, nice to see you figured it out, I love to see you light up the radar gun at 102 every few days.  Fernando Abad, I almost witnessed you get killed by Aaron Judge when he hit a ball at 119.6 mph off you at Yankee Stadium last week.  So please stop leaving pitches down the middle so you can get out of that mop up role.  Brandon Workman, I saw you pitch too and that’s about all I have to say.  Matt Barnes, thank you for saving us from an embarrassing game last night.

Now to the offense…Papi…please come back.  John Farrell please figure out your line up.  Mookie should not be leading off.  Put him back in the 3 hole so he can drive guys in, like you are just crushing his average having him lead off.  Never ever ever play Pablo Sandoval ever again.  My favorite guy to watch right now in this lineup is Mitch Moreland.  I’m not sure if you guys understand the shoes he has to fill in that lineup with Papi gone, but right now I’d say he is doing a very good job of it.  Moreland is batting .282 with 8 HRs, 18 2B, and 35 RBIs, which is second on the team behind Benny Biceps.  Keep it up Mitchy Two Bags we all love the shit you are doing.  Hanley Ramirez, very very average so far…if this World Series thing is gonna happen he needs to stop batting .249.  Andrew Benintendi, when you first came up to the league last year, I did not expect you to be the power guy you are obviously showing us you are.  This guy has one of the sweetest swings in the league, and is really fun to watch.

So right now I have to say the World Series is definitely not on for the Chicago Cubs, they have at least another 107 years until they make it back.  For the Sox…there are very short and sweet signs that 2017 might be the year we bring it back home again.  What Boston needs, is to figure out the mess of the starting rotation that we have right now, cause I will tell you right now we will not even sniff the ALCS with Pomeranz in the rotation.  When October starts to roll around, the biggest test the Red Sox are going to have face is the New York Yankees.  The revitalization of C.C. Sabathia, and the bats of Sanchez and Judge make them a very dangerous team.  I am not worried about Houston at all since their bullpen is about as useful as a football bat.  It is there for the taking Red Sox, please do not let us down.

By the way if you were wondering who my pick out of the NL is, it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers.  If it can’t be the Sox I want it to be Clayton Kershaw.  My favorite pitcher of all time, and it is his time to step into the spot as the best pitcher who ever played the game.

My World Series prediction is the Red Sox in 6 games over the Dodgers.  Take it to the bank.